20th Century - What's Our Fashion Style Like?

I can boldly say that the only fashion sense we have in the 20th century are the shutter shades, a pop culture staple created by Kayne West, who was design-inspired by this similar style called the Venetian Blinders last seen in the 80's.

The Venetian Blinders

Shutter Shades fused in 3D Glasses

When I mean fashion style, I mean something new, fresh out of the oven and something the worldwide general public will wear.

Don't tell me retro, hippy, vintage; Those are fashion styles that belonged to the early 40's - 80's. Not something brought from the past that are revived.

Crocs can be another fashion, but is it fashionable enough? Uh...... (Biased)

So, what's the new 20th century?!

What could possibly be our fashion style now?


I say, Nu Rave!


Laugh Your Head Off?

You think you're very funny. You think it's funny. You laugh at people's imperfections. You mock at people's mistakes. But who's the funny one?

It's never okay to laugh at someone (unless he/she is entertaining you), whether is he born with a humongous nose or an ass as huge as an elephant, you just don't laugh at somebody's imperfections. Do you even think he/she like it like that? Do you really think they have a choice?

For instance, this fat guy laughed at my obesity. Like, hello? You weigh twice as much, so who are you to laugh my size?

Some fella fell into the drain, and instead of helping that poor chap up, people passed him by and chuckled over his carelessness, without giving thought of his safety.

A fight broke up in a club and bystanders cheered on.

Seriously, what is wrong with you people?

Are we brought up to be such uncivilized society? Should we behave in such distasteful manner? We need a change.


Naked Truth

You may have heard about the naked couple that went parading their naked assets around Holland V, and might have gossiped a bit "OMG, how can such thing happen in Singapore?"

Well, let me tell you. It can; anything can happen in Singapore. In fact if I were present I would have applaud and shook hands with them.

What's wrong with you people? It's just naked bodies. Eventually you'd have to see it anyway, unless you believe it's against your religion, then fine you can have it your way. Many guys and girls watch porn, or might have seen a naked body. So why make a big fuss about that? Funny people

One thing that pisses me badly is when people went "OMG, EWW WHY ARE THEY NAKED?!" with their eyes still glued to the naked couple. HOW CONTRADICTING.

Cut some slack, people


To Aveline.

Happy 20th, Happy Always.

The crabs will arrive and they'll pick at your face
But i'll whistle so they'll pick at mine in your place
Then the gulls will arrive, eat the crabs for their food
So we'll stand in the sand holding hands just me and you
So we'll stand in the sand holding hands, me and you